Recording studio


G-Mod Records specializes on creating quality and professional sound

Our Services

  • Finding, Recording and Mastering of Broadcasters

    Our professional engineers help to record sound clips and find right broadcasters for your project

  • Voice Overs for Commercials

    We can create unique music for your presentation or commercial projects

  • We can create commercial music arrangements and soundtracks for your business

    Our professional team creates unique music for your company with catchy lyrics and beautiful rhythm. We approach creatively every project of our clients that helps them to be out of the ordinary and succeed in the industry

  • Business Ringtones

    Our professional team creates special and memorable ringtones for your business that will make your brand different

  • Creative audio and video commercials for your Business

    Our recording and video studios create unique content for your website and social media

  • Recording Music Instruments and Vocals

    Our sound engineers help professionally record vocals and music instruments in the studio, master and mix recordings and add needed effects

  • G-Mod Mixing

    Our engineers mix and master your vocals and instruments for its clear and state-of-art sounding

  • G-Mod Mastering

    Our sound engineers optimize your track, raising the overall volume, adding clarity and punch, balancing the EQ. If you are releasing an album, we make sure your songs are consistent from track to track

  • Music Arrangements

    Our professional team of music producers and composers create unique and quality arrangements for your single song or whole album. We produce pop, EDM, Hip Hop, Rap, and other genres

  • Vocal Tuning

    Vocal Tuning is an art. By using the latest technology, we craft a vocal performance to perfection. We use Auto Tune, Melodyne, Elastic Audio, iZotope Nectar and Waves Tune to correct your pitch and make your vocals tight and effective

  • Covers (video recording per your request)

    Our creative team helps you to make a cover of your favorite artist that will sound as original

  • Songs for your special events and parties

    Our team helps you to write lyrics, come up with instrumental, and arrange music for your events and parties

  • Voice Overs for Commercials and Soundtracks

    We can create unique music for your presentation, commercial projects, short films, soundtracks and other projects

  • Ghostwriting

    Our ghostwriters write catchy, unique and variety lyrics for your music project

  • Music Production

    Our creative team helps you make single including music arrangement, lyrics, album cover and music promotion

  • Video Production

    We create music videos, short films and commercials for your project